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I've had very ambitious two days. I think that they were mostly possible because on Monday I went back to the optometrist and tied off the loose knot that was my return visit from when I had the infections last month. He told me what I expected, that it looked like it was seasonal allergies and not my being allergic to contact lenses. After six weeks without lenses, they were nearly as irritated as when I went to see him.

He said that I could wear my lenses for four hours a day, and I've been getting a massive amount done. But then the "body in motion" axiom seems to kick in and so it goes.

Tuesday I drove and did a ton of errands in the morning, while John was at the OUR center. I got home in time to change into my glasses. Then John went off to a meeting, and Jet and I played video games, got McDonald's and had a generally bad-for-us evening. *laughter*

Wednesday I went to the OUR center garden far earlier than I usually do, but had to go home at noon to get my lenses out. Then I cooked, ate, showered, did much of my Disciples class reading and then started a batch of ginger beer. Not ale, as I don't have ale yeast, but plain baker's yeast. Jet got home while I was brewing my wort, and John helped immensely before he had to leave for his fourth meeting of the week by lending me a bunch of his brewing equipment. So Jet and I got to brew, pitch the yeasts, and then bottle the ginger beer. Jet got some on himself, licked if off, and went, "Yum. It's not too hot."

We also went to Border's and bought Jet some Mad Libs, probably on Tuesday, and we've been doing Mad Libs like... well... mad, since then. Jet's really getting into writing in the words and asking all the parts of speech and then laughing a lot at the story "he wrote". It's pretty fun and a great way to keep him interested in words and writing.

I made browned buttered noodles for both of us, with fresh Parmesan. Jet had just that. I added fresh, chopped sage to mine, and while Jet had big tube egg noodles, I had sweet potato based wide noodles, and we were both very, very happy.

Today I was so tired I didn't get up until fifteen minutes before Jet had to leave for the bus. I was lucky that John was up well before either of us, and had gotten Jet out of bed in time to get everything ready.

Then I got far too ambitious and John and I spent the morning on errands in Boulder and then shopping for groceries. The Boulder errands included a trip to Amante coffee, which has really nice espresso drinks and some pretty good pastries. Then to the Boulder Bookstore to just look at things, and finally I hit Lush and bought a bunch of bath bombs and bubble bars during their buy 2 get 1 free on all their solid products. I had a coupon for a bar of soup if I spent $35, so I did. I am now set for the winter and then some. :-) Poor John had to go outside the store for a bit when the perfumes overwhelmed him. I'm glad he took care of himself.

We had lunch at home, and I then took care of the four pound chunk of grass-fed chuck we'd bought on Saturday. I had to thaw it and then prep everything from peeling tomatoes to digging up and cutting onions and carrots. I found a HUGE carrot, bigger than some sweet potatoes, in the garden. It was surprisingly tender and still sweet, though it was so huge. I ended up doing a huge batch of beef stew and a pot of chili as well, and the beef was astonishingly lean. I cooked nearly a pound and a half of it ground and there wasn't even the slightest sheen of grease on the surface when I drained it. Wow.

And then I ran off to my knitting meet with Jennifer, and I got to hand over her part of the Knit PIcks order we got together. They give free shipping for orders over forty dollars and with the two of us it's easy to go over that pretty quickly. I love, love, love the Harmony sock needles i bought, the 2.75mm needles are smooth as anything and harder than my bamboo needles. The points are sharper, too, and it makes a world of difference. Also the "Dusk" color of the Essentials sock yarn is exactly the right color for kilt hose to match John's Utilikilt. I started the cable band at the top of the hose, and they're the first cables I've ever been able to "cable" without actually knitting the stitches that I cabled. It's a first for me, but the results are really nice.

It was great to just sit and talk with Jennifer for a while. She's a lot of fun to talk with and she has lots and lots of interesting connections for me about things I'm very much interested in, so I always learn something or get a great and useful reference for something else I'm doing when I do talk with her, so it's very neat.

It's interesting to realize that my glasses don't bother me so much when I just have four hours of freedom in the morning. Time when I actually have peripheral vision, when I can see clearly all around me, when my ears and nose get a rest, and when I don't have to deal with smudges in my line of sight. It is good.
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