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Cheddar Green Onion Biscuit
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Was good last night, the stew I'd made a few days ago did really well with these beautiful biscuits. *happy sigh*

It's a cheddar, green onion biscuit. Jet didn't want any, but John and I polished off a recipe of the things. They turned out yummy.

Nearly as yummy as the home brewed ginger beer I made with just fresh ginger root, sugar, honey, a dab of yeast, and a few tablespoons of lemon juice. The bottles grew in just two days and the carbonation is perfect. I was very impressed.

Now Jet wants me to brew more root beer, but the weather, she is changing to cold.

We were all invited to a quesadilla and fajita party by our neighbors tonight, and it was a good party with plenty of interesting people and lots of things to eat and things to talk about. I am, however, exhausted, as usual.

I had a lovely dream this morning, about a Wilde Winter Side, that was found in the nooks and crannies of the old, old Seattle REI, which no longer exists. But each section of the store led to a different part of the Wild and I was wandering through rescueing magical creatures which were granting me powers. At the end, an old clerk was about to sign me out to deal with a "fire?" troll and he was takling about "You and your fifteen minty fresh powers of Winter..."

Then Jet jumped on me to wake me up and we went to the Original Pancake House in Boulder and had marvelous pancakes. I got the doormat sized Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry sauce. Wow. They were absolutely excellent.

Food is good again. My teeth still ache a bit if I eat too much, so I stop, which is good for me, too, but they don't *bother* me all the time any more. So I am happy.

It is good to like food again, rather than just not having any appetite at all.
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