Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


... I just found a packet of spinach seeds out in the rain. 

It's been raining all day.  I woke up to the sound of thunder banging around in the sky here.  Crackling and rolling and rumbling around and playing bowling with the clouds and lightning.  I went back to sleep.  But the rain just poured down this morning, hard and then I heard the watering system go on.  Bah...

I waded out into the wet and turned off what I could.  Then went and tried to wake up a rather sleep sodden Jet who was dreaming hard about Okami.  He had woken up the night before and plaintively said, "Mom, I didn't choose the right dream... can you help me?"  I went up to him and tucked him back into bed and curled up with him until he was snoring again. 

My dreams are still thick upon me.  I had about four or five of 'em last night, and only got the last one into my notebook.  I've forgotten it since. 

We had a good rush to get everyone to the bus stop.  The rain let up while we were getting there, and just a minute or two before the bus was supposed to come, the sky rumbled and let loose again.  Both Jet and Tanner were grumbling about being soaked, but Macy just danced in the rain.

I now have my Ravelry invite.  Woohoo.  I also got an invite to myFolia, which is similar, but for gardeners.  You can enter gardeners, plantings, and keep a journal on every garden and plant you have. A little scary, but it might be very useful for the OUR center in the long run, so that some gardener there will always have some idea of what was planted where.  I wish it had some graphic ability to map out the garden and what was planted where... but I feel like I'm asking for a lot of stuff already, which is kind of hard.

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