Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Yay NBC!!

I hated ABC's summer Olympics coverage. I ranted and raved and shook my fists at God over ABC's supposed coverage of the summer Olympics that had more fuzzed out pictures of the American athletes' moms than of the actual events. They sucked so badly, they couldn't even show whole games of anything, they didn't show any qualifiers of anything, and they didn't show squat of the events that the US didn't have a medal *winner* in by delaying pretty much every event and only showing the US winner, on the most part. One or two slipped by them.

I mourned my loss of the Canadian channel we used to watch in Seattle that had marvelous coverage.

NBC's coverage, of the winter games, however, has been pretty darned cool, even in just the two days I've been watching (while not sleeping or not trying to scrounge something to eat). WIth the help of MSNBC, they're actually showing the whole hockey games. They showed the *practice* women's downhill runs. They showed the snowboarders' mosh pit! They showed all kinds of really cool details and mostly focussed on the events themselves, and as much of the events as they could put in around the commercials.

I am impressed so far.

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