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Hot Bath

There is no blessing quite like the blessing of a good, hot bath.

Our house has one of those smaller soaking tubs, where I have to fold up my legs and still be kind of propped up sitting to just fit. So it doesn't take that much water to fill the tub, but I still get the full on soaking experience. Someday, if we ever build our own home, I'd love to build into it a Japanese soaking bath, something more vertical where you sit up in a square bath and it takes a minimum of water, but you get complete immersion.

It only takes half a Lush bubble bar to fill the whole tub with bubbles, so I don't go through my Lush products quite as quickly as I'd like. I still have a Flying Saucers bar from way, way back, still wrapped in the butcher paper from the mail order site rather than the stuff I've been buying locally . But it crumbled beautifully and foamed up without too much perfume and I soaked. I even managed to wash my hair in the tub and it's been a long, long time since I've washed my hair in a bath. One gets used to showers when they're day in and day out but it seemed like a waste to not just use the water and get clean all over in it.

I was pretty sore, too, from the last couple of days.

I've been knitting like mad on John's kilt hose, and it's something I can take everywhere and do any time I have a bit of time. Which means that I overused my hands again and they ached badly last night.

I also worked in the OUR center garden and picked and picked and picked and was reminded, forcibly, of why I hate harvest time. I love the spring, when everything is just potential. But in the fall, when everything is suddenly going ripe and the huge, immense amount of sheer waste hits me. Especially when it's waste from neglect and the folks working on the garden just haven't had the time to *pick* the pounds and pounds and pounds of food coming ripe. It's all the overrripe tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries that are all squashed into the ground. The carrots all wooden from being there too long, the Kohlrabi no one will eat because it's grown to wood. The radishes gone hard or the lettuce that's bolted. And I just get discouraged and sad and tired at this time of year. The sheer amount of waste just always floors me.

There were heads and heads of good, hard, round cabbages that had been half eaten by some mammal that, instead of finishing a head, would just start another. Wasps had made beds in the leaves of the opened cabbages, trying to find a fall place to hibernate for the winter and stock up on things to last it out. So many of the biggest, tightest heads were just destroyed. So I dug them all out and threw them away. *sigh*

The home gardens aren't quite so harsh, but I haven't planted as much there, either. The tomatoes aren't doing the horn of plenty thing anymore, they're petering out. I should probably chop some of the roots to stress them into ripening more fruit faster, but I haven't had the heart to do it.

I need to graph out the layout of the OUR center garden, so I can pass that on to the manager there when needed. I'm not entirely sure I'll take it on again next spring as it's so hard to do so MUCH by myself, and it doesn't look like there is anyone else at the moment. *sigh*

Or, maybe, I"ll just do what I can and let chance and others provide the rest if it's needed.

We've also been waking up late all week. I think it's the lateness of the rising sun, now that's doing it. But we woke up nearly at 8 most of the mornings of this week, other than the one day I set the alarm for 7 in order to get some cinnamon rolls in and then I felt kind of stunned all day that day. I haven't gotten done nearly as much as I wanted nearly all week. No painting, no writing, no editing, and no big crafting projects.

I have knit like mad, though. That's been okay. I also baked a gingerbread cake and it was good. I have made a few meals and we've eaten out a bit. I'm just tired, though, I think. John managed to fix our Solis Maestro coffee grinder and it's better than when it was new, as the company gave us a couple of beefed up parts for the parts we broke by accident, and added another piece that actually alleviates the initial problem all together. So I now have espresso again and I'm starting to feel mildly human again. Whew.

I also found a bargain at Target, they had the Bodum double-walled glasses for half off. So I bought a couple of the shorter Assam glasses and I've been very pleased with them and their insulative properties. I know they're pretty prone to breakage, but they're so beautiful until then I'll just be glad of them.
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