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Kilt Hose Mostly Done On One

Kilt Hose Mostly Done
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I've been trying to make traditional Scottish kilt hose for John. A friend of ours said, "You know, you can *buy* those."

Not ones that were specifically made to fit John's leg. He has a huge calf (106 stitches) and really slender ankles (just 60 stitches!) and feet for the length of his feet. Usually it's only down to 80% of the beginning stitches. The cuff is traditional Scottish cuff for a pair of kilt hose. I made up the cable along the leg as I like cables, and I liked the idea of two cables kind of intertwining for a while and then going out and curling on their own.

It was more interesting than the straight cable in the example hose anyway... so I did that. John loves how it fits him. But these socks are nearly as much knitting as a sweater for Jet... yeesh... Still, the color is just about perfect against the postman blue Utilikilt that John has. And I'm pretty happy with how they look on him, and John really, really likes how they feel on him. So I'm pretty happy with something I just pretty much made up out of guidelines that were in the Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker book. Yay!
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