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Mmmm... veggies

Well, the farmer's market produce wasn't super pretty, like at the supermarket, but it was very cheap and very good.

It was so hot tonight that I couldn't even contemplate cooking anything inside, so I used the heavy duty aluminum and cut large chunks of sweet red onion, green and yellow zucchini, and red bell pepper into a huge packet, as I did two whole zucchini, a whole red pepper, and a whole onion. I also wrapped up two small bulbs of garlic in foil with a dab of olive oil and tucked those in the bigger packet to be sure they wouldn't burn. I then sprinkled everything with sea salt and a fine grind of multi-colored pepper corns and a generous squirt of olive oil and sealed it up and set it on a low fire on the grill outside.

Half an hour later we grilled sweet peaches and cream corn in their soaked husks and a couple small hamburgers. The resultant feast was most remarkable. The huge chunks of zucchini were melt in your mouth tender, almost buttery with the long, slow cooking amid the sweet onions and the fruitiness of the red pepper. The corn was crisp and sweet and much more fully formed than even just a week ago. It was really yummy.

Quite the contrast to my little donut raid of the morning.

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