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Nearly Winter

It's supposed to snow this coming weekend.

So I brought in all the basil and made a huge batch of pesto to freeze. I pulled the big onions and let them dry a couple of days and then cleaned them off a bit and put them in the basement. I cut what zucchini I could, and peered at the sweet potatoes who were an experiment. I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose them. I cut all the garlic chives and sent them to Mei, but for a single bundle for us.

I also pulled all the pearl onions and some of the random green onions I'd planted from the root ends of grocery store green onions. They'd all done pretty spectacularly well over the summer and I've had free green onions all summer.

I spaded the sides of four of the tomato plants, and I've turned off the watering systems. They'll get by for a bit and harden off better without extra water. The baby spinach is all peeking out of the ground, now, and the seedlings are growing like mad. I still remember the huge spinach in the garden this spring and how a hard frost in the morning had frozen all the leaves but by mid-afternoon, the leaves were all flexible and tender again. Weird plants, spinach...

The tree leaves are starting to swirl down. The trees starting to alight with the fire colors of fall, oranges, red, and yellow. I wish my Phoenix sweater was done... but so it is. It's hard to watch sub-titled anime while knitting on *that*, so I just wade through John's kilt hose quite happily instead. Even the cables aren't deterring me from watching the text...

The mushroom box Jet and I planted yesterday smells wonderful... like earth and must and mushrooms... Jet loved wetting the stuff down this afternoon. It's amazing how much of it dried in just the day in the house.

It's fun getting ready for winter. I'm so glad that it's just about here and I won't have to do a thing to the OUR Center garden for a few months. There's going to be two clean up crews coming in October, and hopefully they'll lay the beds to rest for the winter. They've asked me to manage the groups and I'll be happy to. It'll be good to be done for a while. I'm pretty tired from this summer's work, and I'm not exactly sure I'm going to do it *all* again... giving up that much time every week has made me mildly cranky in some ways, as there's so *much* work and I wasn't getting it all done. *sigh*
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