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I've Gone And Done It...

... I signed up to spin some of the exotic fibers for Crown Mountain Farms.

The rates still make me wonder why, a bit, but... camel down sure is fuzzy and soft and nice! :-)

But it's a whole pound of the stuff and, for the first time since I stopped working in February, I've started to actually structure my time. I'm spinning for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening or afternoon. And, around that, I've started doing my Chinese calligraphy and painting for about an hour as well. All of them are really demanding of hand control, so I've had to throw in about an hour or two of exercise and cleanup after exercising as well.

The one hard commitment is now shaping everything else. It's kind of like watching a puzzle fall into place.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to go into the OUR center garden to map out what was there this year so I have that along with last year, and then get to help the manager plan out next year... we'll see how that goes.

Jet has homework every evening, now, and we're just doing it quite well. When he gets home from school there were a few weeks in there where he'd take his snack and we'd go down into the basement and I'd play Okami or Tak and he'd watch and comment and make the decisions on where we were going and what we were going to do, and he'd be very happy to do that for an hour. Then, after we got the mushroom kit, Jet would spray the mushrooms and we'd go upstairs and either make dinner or help Dad make dinner or figure we'd go out. *laughter*

So the days have settled a bit. It's quite comfortable, now, and Jet is no longer chewing all his fingernails to the quick. I'm bribing him, unfortunately, but it's starting to work now that he's less stressed about school, I think.

Both boys are going to the farm field trip tomorrow. It will be quiet in the house, so it's likely good that I'm going to get out and grub about in the dirt.

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