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Cranky Tired

I'm just kind of cranky... tired from that time of the month and lots of things happening and the dying time is upon us again. The summer end and fall seems to be the time when not only the leaves die, but it's been kind of prominent this year for those I know. No one close to me, but lots of friends and acquaintances and other folks in the church as well who are having people die and/or getting injured or otherwise hospitalized.

So I'm kind of depressed and tired. But I try to do what I can and sometimes that seems kind of weird, too. The dreams class ends next week, but the Christian Education Board asked me to ask the folks if we could just keep it going until the end of the year, and so I talked with folks. They'd like to, but we need to talk with one of the members that couldn't make it today, so we'll just wait a bit, but it's likely we'll continue.

The funny thing is that I'm reading Exodus and watching Moses repeatedly say, "You can't mean me... you should really get someone else..." and equating that to the likelihood that I'm likely to own the class, so far as being responsible for keeping it going and NOT responsible for all the content thereof. You can't mean me... *laughter*. Or maybe you can. We'll see.

I've been so tired even when I have had a good inkling about my dreams in the morning I haven't had the energy to pick up the pen and write them down, so, of course, they melt off even as the butter melts on the waffles John made for us. So, at least, I got waffles for breakfast. *laughter*.

Baseball has provided me some relief. The Rockies, this year, have been pretty incredible to watch for nearly all of September and October as well. I can't say I'm a fan, as I really didn't follow them much when they weren't on this streak. But I can say that I've been enjoying watching them play, especially with Arizona. I still have very fond memories of Randy Johnson, and having him out on the injuries has made it even easier to enjoy the games.

Having the Red Sox trying for AL slot again is fun, too.

It's interesting to realize that I love the slow pace of baseball. I think I always have ever since I started keeping score cards for my sister's softball teams. The coach asked if anyone could keep score for him, and I started doing it to help him out, but I kept doing it. I did it for four years at Caltech for the baseball team there, and whenever I really want to get into a game, I get out the old scorekeeping book and start marking balls, strikes, and where hits were hit and get back into the rhythm of the game, seeing the defensive setups.

The odd part is that I love soccer and hockey, too, with their give and go flow. I can get lost into those, too. I'm not actually sure I care who wins or loses, though it would be fun to see the Rockies and/or the Red Sox in the World Series. I am likely to watch the World Series no matter who is playing.

Church was a mad house this morning, a guest preacher that is a returning pastor for this church from in the 70's! My. Lots of treats and kids and general chaos. Then Jet got invited to someone's house for most of the afternoon, and John ran off to do the Crop Walk with his mentor in the confirmation classes, so I had the house to myself for a chunk of the afternoon.

The rain helped. It rained all day today and most of the evening yesterday and that's helped my energy levels in a lot of ways. That felt very good, and has helped clean the air so I'm hoping my allergies will be better for a bit. We'll see...

I watched the last three episodes of Fruits Basket again and the rain was helpful in that as well. Storm states. I especially love, in the last episode, where Shigure, the older guy in charge of their part of the family, explains carefully to Tohru, the girl, why she should not do what she has asked to do and she says, "Hai" quite cheerfully. And in the very next scene, they're all doing what it was that she wanted to do and was warned from doing. I think that is my favorite thing of all. *laughter*

I think Tohru is also the kind of leader I'd want to be, too. She says she doesn't deserve it, either... and maybe I get her worries and thoughts and, eventually, her actions more than I get Moses. *laughter*...
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