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It was really cold last night for the first time this season. I actually was up a whole hour after going to bed just trying to warm my feet up, but finally I went downstairs and got the rice bag warmers out, nuked them and then brought them back to bed with me. Ahhhh... I hadn't realized I was THAT cold. *sigh*

Today was a no school day, as the teachers needed it to get their stuff together, but the school offers an all-day program for kids that have parents that have to leave them there. So Jet decided he wanted to go, even though he didn't have to, he really wanted to be with kids all day, so we took him into school on the bikes this morning. We were all bundled up and Jet was still shivering. I should have put mittens on him at least for the ride there... anyway... it's good.

Better yet, last night, I put together all the dry stuff in one bowl and all the wet stuff in another bowl for pumpkin muffins. So, this morning, all John had to do was put the two bowl's contents together after letting the oven heat up and we had "instant" muffins for breakfast. They were very warm and yummy and Jet and John ate a bunch of 'em. So it was definitely a good way to start the morning.

I'm making slow progress on the camel down. I'm finally screwing up my courage for the phoenix sweater again, as I'm still terrified of not being able to finish without ordering more yarn or something... actually, worst case, I just spin up some of my Shetland white wool for the last few rows, I think. White at the very top wouldn't be that off-beat, all in all. Sigh... but so it is. I just need to keep going.
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