Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Just In Time!

We had our first snow today, though, up here in the north of Denver, it didn't really stick to anything. But my Calorimetry was perfect for the ride into church!

I didn't have to take responsibility for the dream class. I'm so glad as I'd have had no idea what to do with it other than have people just meet and talk. Luckily, the art lady teaching it really needs to teach it, so it was good. There's another professional therapist that is going to help with that end of things as well, so I'm very, very glad.

Thanks to nekosan, I have found and have become addicted to Free Rice, which has free vocabulary learning AND gives ten grains of rice for every right word you get. *giggles* It's a very amusing way to give away someone else's money for food for the needy. I love it. I especially love using those old Greek and Latin roots to just give a wild guess... I only got into the lower 40's, so there's plenty of room for growth there. Whew.

John's Mom and Dad are here, and we and Jet are enjoying them a great deal. The five of us went for a walk around Lake MacIntosh yesterday, when the weather was just about 80 and windy. Jet rode his bike, without training wheels, all the 3.5 miles around the lake while we took the walk. He kept up with us when he was running into the 40 mph head winds, but when he finally got the wind at his back he left me *WAY* behind. John and his parents managed to keep up, but I just gave up and snapped pictures while I could see them, and then just kept going when I couldn't.

I'm also done with the body of the phoenix sweater. Finally. I'm going to secure the steeks and start cutting tomorrow. I have to do the armholes before I can figure out where the sleeves end. Bah...

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