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Fall is Upon Us

I made apple sauce today.  A person from church was bringing in lots of big ziploc bags filled with little apples from their tree.  I'd originally been thinking about apple pie, but really didn't want to wrestle with a crust today.

So I just peeled and quartered the whole bag of apples into the slow cooker.  I added a quarter inch of water at the bottom and a sprinkling of cinnamon on top and just left it for the morning.  When we came back from lunch with the old work gang, the whole house smells of cinnamon and apples.  Yum.

And the consistency is just about perfect after judicious application of a potato masher.  Yum... apple sauce.  No sugar added and nothing but apples and cinnamon.  Can't go too wrong from that.

My sister is doing okay.  Her condo is not threatened.  I am glad.

I also made ice cream stuff this afternoon while I could.  Jet loves using his ice cream maker, and it's fun with the grandparents in the house to have them help him make it.  So I thought it would be good to just get that made and maybe after dinner, we could freeze up some ice cream.

The cuffs on the sweater have been a bit of a bear, but I'm doing both of them at the same time so I can evenly distribute the colors on them.  Instead of just going ahead and doing them red on burgundy, I'm actually graduating the colors the same way they are on the sweater.  I liked the difference of the longer cuffs on the pull over, so I'm doing that as well.  Having both cuffs on two circular needles, like knitting two socks at the same time, has made it so that I was able to use every inch of a couple of colors I was nearly short on.  But managing four yarns that way has been kind of tiresome.  Possible, but only just.  Once I'm past the cuffs I should be able to sail through the arms while reading my Disciples homework.  I hope.

The day is absolutely gorgeous, mid-70's and sunshine and it's cool enough to be comfortable doing things.  I like it when it's the two weeks of fall here.  It's just wonderful.
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