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Hmmm... I need to make me a pumpkin icon...

John and Jet went to a farm for a field trip early in the month, and brought home 5 "free" pumpkins.  They paid an entrance fee and then could bring home as much produce as they could carry in their backpacks and between the two of them, they got five pumpkins, one for Jet, one for John and myself and one, each, for Isabel and George as we knew they were coming to visit.

The home owners association gave us a big pumpkin, leaving it on the doorstep and Jet decided that that was the "house pumpkin".

Last night, we carved all our pumpkins with the usual assortment of faces and things.  Jet's special kid knife (serrated but without an edge) was perfect for cutting just about anything anyone wanted out of a pumpkin, so when Jet started telling me what to draw on the house pumpkin I decided anything was good.   :-)  He asked for two four-paned windows for the eyes, a door for the mouth.  On the side he wanted a garage, with a roof.  On the back he wanted our backyard (luckily, a door and two trees sufficed as a representation of the yard) and on the other side he wanted a gardener and a garden.  So I put a person with a hat and an arm over a planter box with some bush tomatoes growing all over it... or, as John said, "Is that a washtub??"

Then, Jet and granny worked on making ghosts out of grocery bags and leftover peanuts.  So we have a dozen ghosts floating about the aspen trees out front.  THEN this morning, Jet and John and granny made a HUGE SPIDER out of a garbage bag stuffed with leaves or newspapers, and lots of black crepe paper for long, long legs.  They even hung it by a rope that could be pulled to make it move.

All for about 33 cents for the crepe paper.  There was a green web stuff that we had from last year in the basement and that went up with some tiny plastic spiders Jet had. 

Jet loves taking everyone down the sidewalk in front of the house for "a test walk".   And he made John practice moving the spider when people showed up.  So he's *ALL* set for Halloween.

We all went for breakfast this morning, and it suddenly struck me that Jet, while waiting for this breakfast, instead of coloring the little dogs on the kids' menu, was working over the second level puzzles in his kid Sudoku book.  Yes.  My six-year-old does Sudoku in order to wait for his food.

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