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Errand Day

Pretty much ran around all day in the Passat.

  • Borders to use a 30% off coupon and got two 25% offs for next weekend.
  • Mall mail stop to mail DVDs back to amberley.
  • Grocery store for candy for tomorrow.
  • Realized there was no plan for dinner tonight, so picked up some stuff for chicken and stuffing, my favorite. 
  • Accidentally bought frozen goods, too, so went back home to unload.
  • Dropped manga off at the public library, they're trying to build their collection and always seem to welcome it.
  • Got my massage and needed it badly after the deadline with John's socks
  • Bought organic eggs that were raised on Amish farms.  They were on sale!
  • Home again, home again, jigadejig.  I had curry instant noodles with an egg for a late lunch
  • Then walked out to meet Jet at the bus stop.
  • Picked up the house for the cleaners tomorrow.
  • Made dinner while the grands did homework with Jet.
  • John ran off to a meeting.
  • We had dinner right at 5:40, got ourselves out the door at 6:20 and...
  • Jet got his hair cut at Silly Scissors, right when he had his appointment.
  • Got to White Mountain Creamary right at 7 where we met up with Bob and Mei and had fun talking
  • John walked in the door and got his own ice cream.
  • We headed home right at Jet's bedtime.

What's really scary is that tomorrow looks like it's going to be even more tightly scheduled, what with my having to go to the school to take pictures of the class for the Year Book, and then a whole plan for trick or treating that starts with dinner at 4:45, meeting up with everyone at 5:30, hot cider and hot chocolate stops, and a route that will likely get everyone loads of loot.  It's going to be interesting.  *laughter*


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