Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


It's been a very quiet day, today. We all got up early to get Isabel and George to the bus stop so that they could make the trek down to the airport. John got a call saying that they'd gotten there in plenty of time for their flight.

I went back to bed after sending Jet off on his bus. I'd stayed up until midnight, last night, reading Sharon Shin's Archangel. Kathy calls it Ann McCaffery Dragons but with angels and "riders"... *laughter* I'm looking at it somewhat differently, maybe because of all my Old Testament reading.

All the characters have Biblical names. They sometimes take me aback, especially the angelic names being a mix of prophets, descendants, and others. The New Testament names make me blink as well as in various contexts. It's hard knowing Jezebel's background thinking of her as a *good* angel. Still... the character named Mary made me giggle. Hagar's myths were exactly right for how I saw her from the old stories but for *her* to be first angelica took me aback. For the author to choose Hagar over Sarah just amuses me no end.

Esau as an *angel*? Old hairy hands the hunter... yeesh...

Ahem. Anyway... it was fun. I'll look for more, I think.

But I took nearly a three hour nap this morning just to cope with all the sleep I haven't been getting for the last couple of weeks. Seems that I reverted to old habits and stayed up late to have my alone time. Not a terrible thing, but something I need to watch when I'm around people all the time. But I feel much better now after a cup of coffee and getting the first story out of my head. More to come...

If you really want to see the stories, but don't want to get an LJ account, write me at my gmail address, and I'll hand you a password to an account you can read from.

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