Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Jet was up some last night, not as much as when he was really sick, but still up often enough to make me tired. Some of it was with his depressed appetite, I think he was hungry. So he was up every three hours. Which was much better than up every hour.

Still, I'm tired, today. He is sleeping at the moment, which is very nice indeed.

I think that the seasonal depression thing is hitting me, too. Just tired and sad and not really motivated, though there are still thousands of things to get done for work. I don't have it as bad as a lot of people, and that's okay, I guess. I still can feel bad for no good reason.

One of the old high school friends I wrote last week wrote back and she now has two sons, eight and five, and they looks so grown up! And she's skinner and happier looking and she and her husband now work part-time, too. She's a solo dentist and he's an ex-engineer who decided to take his severance and be her office manager! Wow. So they get home in time to greet the kids home from school, and they all have a great time, make enough to live on, and pretty much own their own destiny.

That's so cool to see.

She was so glad to hear from me. Sometimes I'm surprised that people want to hear from me, it's just good to know.

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