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Time, What Time?

Structured day today. We got Jet off to the bus and then I sat down to write, then hopped on the bike to help in Jet's class for the morning, rode home, and finished the story for today. Then I've got my homework to do. the camel down to spin, and then another session at school. Then home and greeting the Jet and then we finally get our Friday evening to ourselves.

Probably involving this weeks Avatar episode. We've been watching pretty regularly and I'm taping all of them.

Halloween was pretty cool. There were about ten kids that all bunched up together and they all went Trick Or Treating together with all the parents enjoying each others company behind them. So it was a huge mass of folks that wandered through the neighborhood. There weren't all that many kids out this year, for some reason or another, but the kids really scored bit. Jet filled a bucket and half a bag. The only thing that saved him from having a completely full bag was the hole that developed in the bottom of his bag. Other parents were finding a trail of candy on the ground, but no one thought to check their bags. Ah well.

Less candy to rot his teeth, I guess.

Everyone used our house as a stopping point midway through the evening. We had hot chocolate and plenty of smooth floor for the kids to dump their stash out and see what they'd gotten. Some of the kids were just like Jet, sorting nearly as soon as they sat down. *laughter*

They all warmed up as it was 36° F out there, and even bundled up they were burning a lot of energy just dealing with the cold. They drank a good three quarters of a gallon of hot chocolate. But it really helped some of the kids, and seven of the bigger ones wanted to just keep going. So they did. That's how Jet filled his bucket.

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