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Got up early because of Daylight savings. It felt good to be up, finally, before 8 am. It's been a while.

I found out that the poundage I lost when I stopped working is *still* off, so even with the deadlines lately, I haven't been stressed enough to start eating like mad again. That's all to the good.

Then we ran off to church and I made tons of coffee and had the dream class and surprised myself there. I'd had one obvious dream that was fun to talk with people about. The other was a dream I had this morning that started with me being a lifeguard at a pool. The couple of guys in the pool took one look of me in my lifeguard suit and started to pretend like they were drowning. I rolled my eyes and shrugged the off. Then, in a dream-jump, the pool had a dance floor cover over it and there were people eating dinner there and I was waiting tables. Then they left suddenly and I had to move all the tables to an all-purpose room that was being converted to be used for a wedding... and then I was called to another job...

It'll never make a story. But... when I was telling it to folks as an example of a dream that wasn't making any sense, I suddenly realized... oh... that's what my life is like right now. Jumping into one unrelated job from another... just like the dream stories are completely unrelated to each other...

Maybe I need to settle a little, and do something more connected.

I'd had a series of dreams about a temple area that was getting created in my dreams. I have three other recurring settings in my dreams, and someone piped up... "Hey... if you run out of story dreams, why not create some characters that go through your settings?" I'm so glad I go to that class...

Anyway... church was church. I did coffee for the coffee time. I loaded dishwashers galore. I waited for the boys as they'd run off to Home Depot while I did the clean up. Jet got to build a *pirate ship*!! that was sponsored by Disney and The Pirates of the Caribbean 3 that's coming out on DVD. Turns out they have the kid workshop every Sunday morning! So we'll probably plan on doing more of those.

But I was exhausted by the time we got home. I ate a whole can of chili and pita bread chips while Jet ate a grilled cheese sandwich and we played Kingdom Hearts II for a couple of hours while John brewed beer and watched football. Denver go blown away. Yeesh. Then Tanner came over and after a really long movie, we stopped and they went upstairs and played for 10 minutes before Tanner had to go home. So it is. Jet and John did stuff while I wrote for a while, and then they had to go help someone blow out their sprinkler system. So I got down to work and made an artichoke heart casserole. There's six ingredients in the layers and a curry based sauce that goes on top, and we had to cook the rice, chicken, and mushrooms. The box downstairs yielded another full pound of mushrooms and they were absolutely delicious. I don't often think of freshness in relationship to mushrooms.

Dinner was delicious, but late. I kept trying to get over a block, and I couldn't do it so I'm going to have to extend one story to more than one entry... so it is.

Then I went ahead and signed up for NaBloPoMo just 'cause I'm doing the other thing on my blog anyway... and if it's not a novel, I may as well get some credit for it elsewhere. *laughter* I never signed up for the NaNoWriMo... so hey... I'll do *something* anyway.

I'm reminded that I don't actually have any word counts and maybe I should do that with the stories, at least....
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