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Took the morning to write as I'd been feeling down about not being able to yesterday, given all my commitments... So I feel better now, in some ways.

Decided to just go ahead with all the dreams that have to come out, first. A lot of them are starting to look like the beginning of novels, video games, or manga and it's kind of overwhelming. But... first the straight path, I guess, and getting them all out... then going back to see what damage I've done and figure out which one to actually concentrate on. Laying them all out as an exercise will be a good thing to start, I think. I need that, first, to gain some perspective on what I have, and then move on with them.

But I'm at a word count of 8886, which is nearly on the mark for 5,000 every three days, and I know the next one is going to be mildly longer. If I actually have a story idea that isn't a dream, I might try that, too. I'm not sure... all the old stuff is still sitting around going, "Hey... what about us??" Especially Princess...
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