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Gorgeous Day

It's in the 70's out, today. Absolutely warm and beautiful and such a delight to be out in the sunshine.

Jet had a late start morning, so he and I played Kingdom Hearts II for an hour and a half and enjoyed it a great deal. It was good to get a good long stretch in. We had pumpkin muffins and I got a beautiful new glass tea cup that I love love love. It's double-walled, very thick glass, so it feels sturdy and solid, not thin and fragile. It's even got a little mesh at the top to keep loose leaf tea in its place.

The rose white peony is just fantastic in it, I suspect that jasmine teas and the really fragrant oolongs will be just as good.

John and I went to the Grand Opening for the local grocery store with our 10% off coupon and everyone was there that could get there. The turkeys are just six dollars for the cheap frozen ones, but only ten dollars for the "all natural" ones with no hormones or antibiotics and real butter injected in the carcass for up to 16 pound birds. The annual special. I should probably buy the other sizes so that we can give them to the OUR center sometime, too. But we saved nearly half off our overall grocery bill, given that we bought a lot of buy one get one frees and the like. The meat prices were pretty insane.

Now all I need to do is catch up on my spinning, but I figured that I didn't need nearly as much brain for plying as I did for writing, so I got my writing in earlier rather than later...

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