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There are no volunteers to help clean up the vegetable garden at the OUR center. If I just do it, I'll be done for the whole damned winter. So I'm going to give up writing today and just do it because I know the leaf blower is going to make mincemeat out of my hands, which is why I did the yarn plying first thing today.

I am making my blog post, but I'm *grumpy* about not "really" writing, which is actually a pretty good feeling.

This morning was plying, getting Jet to the bus stop, loading up the van and going to the OUR center for a quick assessment. Then back for a fast shower, and then a bike ride to Jet's school as they were having the Holiday Lunch, where all the parents could buy a hot lunch and sit with their kids and eat. Jet went with the cold lunch people and started eating while John and I were in line, which was a good thing as he spent most of his time talking while he nibbled.

The lunch was a chocolate milk, cranberry jello with two orange slices, a whole wheat roll, mashed potatoes, and turkey in gravy to top the massed. The food was so hot I burned the heck out of my mouth with the first bit. Aiee. Jet was surrounded by two girls who were talking with him the whole time, and he was holding his own just fine, and getting a bite in between words here and there. When the table started clearing out, John and I were caught off guard for a bit, and then we went and dumped our trays, recycled our milk bottles, and then put tray and silverware in the cleaning area.

Then we followed Jet around when they got to him, and he put his lunch box in the lunch bin and then went out to recess. There was a whole lot of running around that happened, and at least three instances of... hmm... if he slips a little more there, we're going for stitches aren't we? But John and I sat on the curb and watched Jet happily throw himself around the playground with the other kids, talk through a truce with some other kids, and then help another kid who was feeling left out, all amidst a very raucous game of "Shark" (which seemed a whole lot like tag, including the part where Jet convinces the shark that they didn't *really* tag him...). Then I saw a general flow of kids and parents back to the rooms, and saw at least two girls tell Jet that recess was over.

He found us, took my hand and we walked and talked our way back to his classroom and said a very loud good-bye and waved us off the grounds.

That was pretty fun.
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