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Turkey Day?

I had a really busy morning at church. It was good, though, as I was actually able to just sit and talk and knit with someone. The dream class is great, but I'm tired of getting deluged as much as I have been, in some ways. And it was good to make progress on Jet's scarf.

The Cold is coming back tomorrow, so he can use it soon.

The service was very moving for me, today, which, for a Stewardship Sunday is something else. Yes, it's the day most church ask for money. Never a happy day, but this time I actually laughed a great deal, but cried a bit during the prayer for the people. There was a local fifteen-year-old boy that was paralized when he was hit in the back during a football game. I asked Pastor George for his prayer for the people, afterward, and he happily gave it to me. The meat of it was about being what God intended us to be, and forgiving the difference between what we are and what we should be. Setting aside the fears, both internal and induced by those about us, and getting on with the business of burning as bright as we can.

I put it up next to my writing computer. We'll see if it helps.

But I was exhausted by the time I went home with Jet. John had to stay for meetings. Jet and I had lunch. I wrestled a 14 pound turkey into the oven, and then we played Kingdom Hearts. By the time the turkey was done, my hands indicated that we were done for the day. Period. Tanner showed up and the boys played air hockey while I made gravy, ran off to the grocery store for celery, and then dealt with the gravy and some stuffing, some vegetable, and then carving the turkey without making much show of it. The breasts are now in the freezer, the legs and thigh meat in tubs by the stuffing and gravy, and we have meals for at least the next week or two.

I need to figure out a recipe for Stouffer's escalloped chicken with noodles, but with cooked turkey. *laughter*

Hmm... I guess I started out the day tired, as John came in to wake me up, and he says my eyes opened and I talked to him, so he thought I was awake. I swore to him, at breakfast, that it was all a dream. I had woken up fifteen minutes later as I thought the dream was telling me that I had to get up in time to get to church, which, I guess, in the literal sense, it was.

Okay, it was a pretty funny kind of day.

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