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I had a really full day today, and I'm not getting around to another chapter. I'm MAKING the time tomorrow, come hell or high water or even the Kings of Israel...

I started the day late for a dental appointment at 8:30. Agh. I had a shower and got distracted by my self-watering pot that's in the bathroom (as it's the sunniest room in the house), and fixed it and then realized that I had two minutes to get dressed and out the door. Thank goodness our bedroom clock is set about five minutes too fast.

I got to the appointment right on time. It was a cleaning and examination, and I told Dr. Ladd about the fact that I was still having some jaw pain. So he asked that I come back with my toothguard in. So I will. He actually did the cleaning, very thoroughly, too, and complimented me on my home care, so I'm doing what I CAN do very well, so that's all to the good. There was some snafu with the insurance about x-rays and what I'd had or hadn't had, and it ended up that I was due for a full set of x-rays and they did a wrap around one as well, that included everything from my tragus ring and sinuses all the way down to the nerve channels in my chin for my teeth. It was fun to look at.

It was also good to know that I was completely taken care of in a way. A fresh start with dental stuff. My insurance is only going to hold out a little while longer as the rates went up. Routine cleanings will be easily covered; but I'm going to have to figure out if a shadow in my x-rays needs more attention and if so I'm probably going to have to do it this year. This has been such a year of dental work that I might as well stuff this third thing in and then maybe I'll be done for another seven or eight years. I can hope, anyway.

I went to Daylight Donuts for an apple fritter and had to really get low to make sure there weren't any in the case any more. I got a chuckle from the proprietor by doing that, and ended up with a raised glazed and a cinnamon sugar donut. When I got home with them, John was opening the garage door to take the van to the Community Food Share program in Gunbarrel.

Every week, he goes there to "shop". The OUR Center has a membership with the center, and every Monday John goes there to get whatever they have that's fresh and not on the always in supply order form. The seasonal things and windfalls from various grocery stores show up each week. When John's mom and dad were here, they went with him. I was too busy last week, and this week I just decided to make the time to go with him.

There were families there that were obviously getting their food for the week. There were folks that were obviously buying for something big. One man had twenty crates of milk that it took in his van. Another talked about serving 30 year olds that would throw their food if it had the wrong texture. I felt odd as we pulled food from the shelves. Part of my brain was like, "But we're taking food from people that really need it..." and my logical side kept going, "But it's to FEED the homeless that we're taking this for..." and then the emotional part of my brain watching a ragged mom with two kids in patched clothing pushing a cart thought, "But if we take ALL the good strawberries they can't get any..."

But we were feeding hundreds with what was in our carts... and I stuffed twenty grocery bags with Wonder Bread in various styles. Boulder County Cares is a van that goes around at night, handing out food and hot drinks to homeless folks on the streets in the fall and winter, so they use loaves and loaves of sandwich bread every day. They use the OUR Center resources to stock the van. We got 200 pounds of pears, three 25 pound boxes of coffee, probably over a hundred boxes of Organic baby lettuce, and crates of hair care products in bottles small enough for a person to carry with them if they had to. We ended up with about 800 pounds of food and could, possibly, have gotten more.

But the Community Food Share also delivers lots of stuff, too. So we were just there to pick the things that needed a human touch to figure out if they were any good. The pears were just starting to ripen, so they were perfect. The boxes and boxes of strawberries had a few that were starting to mold.

We loaded up our Eurovan with the food, and I was astonished at how much we could fit into the van. John has routinely fit 1000 pounds of food into the it. It amazes me, still. We then went and delivered it all to the OUR Center. By then I was kind of hurting from lifting so much. But it felt good to do it. We went home and ate leftovers. That was good, too.

I did a few things on the computer, and then started my homework for tonight's class. I usually do it earlier, but I'd just been so busy. So, finally, I started and found that I had to read all of 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, and a good chunk of 1 Kings which covered Samuel, Saul, David, and Solomon all in one fell swoop. And I found myself thinking, "Okay, cool stuff, but now how did HE screw up?" Maybe, in a nutshell, from what we discussed in class, too, it's not so much about righteousness that makes a good leader, but about right relationship with God, self, family, and all their people. It still gets me how much people clamor for what they think of as "righteousness" in political candidates when, really, it's about learning better relationship with others when one makes mistakes. David and Solomon would never, ever have made president in our era, though perhaps it is a good thing. That amuses me at some level.

So by the time Jet came home, I was still not done. So he and I did our homework together at the kitchen table. Jet did his with John, but was quite happy to watch me do mine when he was finished with his. John made spaghetti for dinner, and I was very grateful. We ate, and John had to run off to a meeting. Then Jet and I finally got to play a bit as I'd finally finished my reading just before dinner. We have a family rule of always eating together, and turning off the TV, putting away the paper or books, and just talking with each other during dinner, so I was very glad to just be done with my homework before dinner.

Jet and I had fun playing, after dinner was done. He and I had fruit together and some of the cream roll together while I played a bit. At 6:30, I took Jet over to Tonya's and he happily went to play with Macy. John was going to pick him up at 8 and do the bed time stuff with him. I get the next two nights as John has meetings. Then I went to my class from 7 until 9. It ran a little long, and I had fun going to Jennifer's house to talk over knitting with her.

So now I'm really tired and I really need sleep. *laughter* So I should sleep. Take care of myself and tackle a lot more tomorrow. I'm starting to drop things, so I have to get more cards written up, I guess.
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