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Up Too Late

I was up too late last night.

I don't usually say that. As the Horde can well tell. But, for the first time in a while I was up until 2 am doing the last of the plying, shocking, and blocking of the last few ounces of the camel down I am spinning for Crown Mountain Farms. I'd promised it by early this week, and even though they haven't held me to my promises at all, I do.

So I finished everything I had to last night so that the yarn could dry all night and for most of the morning. The skeins turned out really nicely, and I was more consistent than I think I've been in my whole life. All seven skeins were 200 yards and only went from 2 1/8 ounces to 2 3/8 ounces for each of the skeins. I'm pretty proud of that after my trial and error period with the sock yarn and getting everywhere from 1 7/8 ounces for that length to nearly 3 ounces. Yeesh...

Of course I woke up to snow and an 8:30 appointment this morning with my new dentist and he adjusted the crown another chunk. He also did a few things to my night guard that are supposed to help with my overall bite, and I believe in him.

But it was an early appointment so he could catch my bite right after it had gotten out of the night guard, rather than after I'd been trying to chew on it all day. And I was up at 7:30 am... something I'll admit that when I was usually up until 2 am that I nearly never did. I was a crack of noon kind of person then, too.

Anyway... the combination wasn't very good for me, especially on top of a three or four less than sleepy nights. So when I got home from the appointment, the cleaners were in the house doing their thing and John was in the basement playing Star Wars. So I brought a big, wool blanket and my buckwheat hull pillow down into the basement and lay down on the huge, fat futon we have down there for guests when we overflow the rest of the house. I promptly fell asleep to the sound of blasters and light sabers and I dreamed the dream I wrote down for the dream series.

I only slept an hour. Then I got up and ate something and drank something with caffeine in it and swallowed a couple of extra-strength acetaminophens and felt mildly human again. I started on my email and I was supposed to call someone and the first thing in my head was, "It's too early to call anyone I just woke up..." and then I laughed as the clock showed 11. Ha. Old time schedules...

I then knocked off half a dozen tasks, and John went and got Shrek the Third and we watched it while we ate lunch and I spun a bit of Jet's roving on a drop spindle. The arm and hand movements with a drop spindle are so big in comparison to the wheel that I got a good stretch for my whole upper body. That was really good.

I went out after that, to knock off another four errand tasks. First to return the movie, then to package and mail the skeins (I even remembered my Sharpie and tape and clean newsprint for the inside), and then I went to Michael's as they have a 30% off sale on their wool yarns and the Paton's merino was as soft as I hoped it would be. I rubbed it up against my cheek to be sure. I'd run across a charity that was making helmet liners for our military and decided I really wanted to do a few. It's simple enough. So I bought yarn from Michael's along with a few other things, including some nice dip pen points for drawing with. I'm sketching manga style stuff out and I really needed a good ink pen to get the lines right. Some of the liner pens are pretty good, but they don't flex through the line the way a good dip pen can. So I needed something better for that.

So I went off track, a little, at Michael's, but it was okay. Still within my allowance as it was nearly all on sale.

I headed home, so I could get Jet from the bus stop.

I'm probably functioning at only 60%, and before Jet I don't think it would have mattered so long as I was standing and able to type. *laughter* Now, though, I know what I'm missing when I miss sleep, and I'm not quite as happy about, somehow, failing Jet as I was about falling asleep at my desk, I guess. It's an interesting thing to learn about myself.
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