Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


It's good.

Went to sleep early last night, slept in late, but got Jet to the bus stop in time.

Spent pretty much the whole morning and early afternoon writing and surfing. Quick lunch of leftover casserole when the lunch bunch was having the company Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Have to do mashed potatoes tomorrow.

Jet's really looking forward to the laptop and he wants to buy his own memory stick for it and all the computers in the house. He is also really looking forward to the bookmaking class tonight, as am I. They're going to show is what looks like a simple, sewn binding with a good, hard cover, so it's going to be pretty cool. But just two hours to make them in, so I'm not sure if we'll each get one or if I'll just have to make some on my own. I'm peering at all kinds of good papers for making my own books and journals with, now, and it should be interesting to see. I want to really learn how to do a Coptic binding. *laughter*

I can just see my Etsy store now, with hand dyed roving, handspun yarns, and journals with Coptic bindings. *laughter*

I have to dye another four ounces of BFL as it's been soaking since the weekend. Yeesh. Jet's roving is coming out as some really beautiful yarn and he's said, "This is my Earth yarn." which puzzled John for a while until he realized that Jet meant "Earth" not "dirt"... as in the view of Earth from space, which is all blues and greens and a little brown and pinks and whites from the clouds... I love Jet's concept of the world and what it looks like.
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