Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Just feeling tired and worn out.

I should concentrate on what to be thankful for.

Jet's singing in the backyard while playing volleyball with John.  It's nigh on operatic.  He's taken a keen interest in playing on the keyboard we have downstairs as they got new keyboards at school for his music classes along with a climbing wall in PE, so he's been doing more of those things.

It's pretty cool.

Jet gets the week off and we're going to do some exploring around Denver and around town and try not to just stay at home and play video games and the like.

I found out that the paper I don't like that much in my books is a 20 lb paper, but that the Rhodia pads have a 21.3 lb paper.  Meep.  I doubt that I can find that at Office Max.  I probably should look for some 24 lb cotton bond or something like that for the books I want to do. 

That and spinning and knitting are the things that I should probably just focus on for a bit.  Lots of Christmas presents to get done, too.  *laughter*

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