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The Denver Art Museum

We ended up spending most of the day at the Denver Art Museum. It had just reopened at the beginning of the year in a new facility. And I asked John to get us the year's membership rather than just the day's entry fees. There are two special shows going on, and I really wanted to just wander around freely sometime. It would be a good day excursion

The museum had a number of "backpack tours" for kids. Each kid could check out a backpack and take it to a particular gallery and the backpack would contain items that pertained to the art in the gallery. The Oceana one had a beautiful cloth book with pockets that contained puzzles, card games, and, at the end, a little cardboard crocodile box with the treasures from the story in the book in it. The one from the Maya period pieces had sections on the rain forest sounds itself, on jaguars, snakes, and birds. The snake section included a real rattle snake rattle, skull, and shed skin to actually touch, along with 'find me's for the various snake sculptures in the gallery.

There were even Game Boy tours, that had puzzles that included finding certain works of art and actually looking at them very closely to find certain patterns.

It was a very full day. I did 12,000 steps. We had a great lunch at Mad Greens, which was a place that did salads, panini, and soups. Jet was quite happy with this grilled cheese sandwich.

I need to go back to the Northwest Indian display with a sketch pad. I also need to go back and even enter the Asian art center. Each of the galleries had interactive areas and study areas with libraries and books about the art and the periods that the art came from. That could be very, very fun.

On the way home, both Jet and I napped. John was great about driving, and then Jet and I played Kingdom Hearts II until dinner time. We had a great dinner at Sakura's and then went to two different office supply places that were locked down for the night. We ended up at Target, and got some 24 pound paper, as the 20 pound paper wasn't something I really wanted to write on, as the ink showed through.

Then all three of us made books. Jet showed John how to make the book we made at the library. I worked on a four signature book, after doing most of the paper cutting for the boys. I only did four signatures instead of the seven or eight that the guy in the Moleskine notebook instructions did. I only wanted 80 some pages, not 196. And instead of installing the cheesecloth binding, I used a piece of cloth athletic tape. I had rolls and rolls of it from when I used to fence and when my ankles needed a little help when I was playing soccer. So there was plenty of that around and I didn't like the idea of glue oozing between the signatures. I like the results, so far. We used a lot of my scrapbooking paper for the end papers and the cover papers instead of calendar sheets, as we didn't have those, either. But John and Jet liked their books, and Jet said that he'd be happy to give his book to a lady at church who used to be a librarian. *grin* That should be cool.

Jet fell asleep easily when it was time for bed. I fell asleep, too. *laughter*

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