Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Busy As A...

The morning was quite busy, and I got signed up for more stuff.

The dream class was very enamored with the idea of making dream journals for themselves, too. So I'm probably going to help them with that. If it's multiple signatures, I might have to sew a few of those up to begin with, and then let them do their own covers for them. If, however, they want to live with a single signature, then they could really make it up for themselves.

There's more people than just the dream people who want to do it, too, so it should be interesting.

Jet had fun giving away the book he made the other night to a lady that was a librarian and who was very grateful for her gift.

He also distributed a bunch of the stuff he sold for school.

Last night, just as I was getting ready for bed, I heard rustling in the storage pantry we have for food that we're storing for a while because it can't fit into our regular pantry and it's not urgent that we get to it, yet. Most of it is canned, but there are a few plastic wrapped things, including a bag of Pepperridge Farm stuffing that I could see had a hole in the *TOP* of it that was chewed into place. There was a mouse in the closet, and it was taking a bite out of nearly everything.

John came when I yelled, and we cleared out the bottom and the first shelf so that there wouldn't be anything to climb, and then we put traps in there and around the washing machine. There were already a few traps around the refrigerator, we've been trapping mice like crazy for just the last week, when the weather started freezing. Several neighbors are having the same problem, so we figure the field mice population exploded over this last summer, and now that it's getting really cold they're trying to find a warm place with food. Some folks are even resorting to poisons. We're just trapping dead and throwing them out. We caught seven in one day. *sigh*

It's not fun. We've tried to close up any place we think they could get in, but, obviously, that isn't working. The one we found in the pantry got caught in a drawer later. The drawer we keep our baking sheets in may be around wherever they come in, as it's seems pretty constantly visited by them. There isn't anything edible in there, but they rattle around pretty well when they get in there, so the trap has the only food in there.

They don't seem to get into any of the other drawers. The main pantry seems quite safe. So maybe I should be looking under that drawer for a clue...

I'm half afraid to, though.

One of the girls of one of the families that's getting invaded has decided she's going to sleep with her parents until the mice go away... so they're pretty motivated in getting the mice out of the house.

Spent the afternoon on a book for Jet. He wanted "ten of five" signatures, and so we made eleven, as we were getting eight folios out of each sheet of paper with the size he wanted, so I did all the cutting, he did all the folding, and when we got to the sewing, he went at it in three different sessions with some Veggie Tales in between each session. But he sewed the whole thing himself. He let me do the glueing and taping, and when it was dry, after dinner, he and I put together the cover. I made the spine board a little too big, but it's close enough it'll work, I think. So we put it all together and he's very proud of it. I made a little flicker set of the whole process of getting the cover on, in case folks wants to take a look.

Then it was bath time for Jet. He enjoyed a bubble bath, and then coughed a lot while in bed. His whole class got decimated by colds just before this vacation weekend, so I wouldn't be surprised if he'd gotten some kind of cold.
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