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Snow Day

We woke up to four inches of snow all over the backyard. The streets had a thin film of it still on, but when the sun came out that cleared in a hurry.

I roasted two pie pumpkins in the morning, and then made two pumpkin pies and an apple pie in the afternoon. I usually like the Best Recipe recipes and how they turn out, but I really hated the pie crust recipe they have in the book, as it uses so much equipment that it makes my head spin a bit. Plus, food processor is not the best thing for a liquid mix, which is what the pumpkin custard really is, and I had a pretty decent spill while trying to get the filling into a crust that was too small for the filling. Ah well.

I mixed up a bit more pumpkin custard and added it to the filling and brought out a whole other pie crust, and that worked out great.

But it pretty much took all day, which made me kind of grumpy about everything.

The boys did snow ball fights, went sledding, and I had a short snowball fight with Jet, too, and it was fun. We talked through what "snow day" meant, and he laughed and laughed about it being a holiday already, so he couldn't get out of school for the snow day.

John made dinner, though, from frozen steaks and green beans, and, after dinner, Jet and I got in two hours of Kingdom Hearts II, but I accidentally did the last chapter of the 100 Acre Wood when Jet really, really wanted to do it, and he was very sad about that. I was sad, too, and hadn't known that he wanted to do it. I guess I should have as that's the one world he feels comfortable doing the playing for the game. Ah well... I backed up and did the rest of the Simba world again and then handed the controls over to Jet and he finished it off again. When he was in bed he said that he hadn't really wanted me to go back. So I couldn't win.

Ah well.

I asked him to forgive me for making the mistake, and he thought about it and did.

The hot tub was fixed just a day or two ago, so it got hot again just in time for the really cold weather. It felt great, but the snow between the toes after the long, hot soak was still something of a shock. So it is.
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