Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

August Rush

Got to see August Rush today with John and Jet at a local theater and we all liked it a lot.

A lot of the Lost getting Found themes at the moment for me. It's a good movie, lots of astonishing music. I had to do a lot of suspension of disbelief, and I was just, mostly, able to. Barely... okay... by a few broken fingernails... *laughter*

Still, Jet enjoyed it a lot, and I won't discount that. And I now have to have the sound track disk for the movie, as there was some extraordinary music done by some pretty extraordinary musicians. It was cool to see that Jonathan did his own singing, too. That was neat.

My only disappointment is a spoiler, so I'll cut that.

But we all liked it a lot.

I think the thing that I was disappointed by the most was the ending. After all the agony and all the missed opportunities, there wasn't anything about how *good* it was for them to be reunited, after. Maybe leaving it up to the imagination would be best, but there was a lot unresolved, including the end of the piece in the concert by the kid as well. The music didn't resolve itself to an end. Bah.

Maybe it was all parallelism, or something, as the story of the people was unresolved as well as the music itself. But it made me very unsatisfied with the ending. *sigh* As it wasn't a proper ending to the story *or* the music.

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