Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


I'm just shaking after trying to beat Sephiroth multiple times. I'm grumpy about being *THAT* far behind on my fighting skills simply because I did the beginner mode on Kingdom Hearts II. Yeah, yeah, I'm starting a new game for myself for when Jet's at school in the medium mode to see if it gets me any closer or if my twitch is just THAT bad. Bah... I hate being out of shape, so I'm doing more bike riding each day.

Also got Fruits Basket number 6 and am shivering over the one hug Kho-kun actually initiates. *sigh* I'm kind of dieting on the manga, trying to only get a couple of books at a time, but boy am I tempted to just get $45+ worth of Fruits Basket at a time, devour it and keep going.

That's what I want to write like. Damnit. I'm drawing again just because of that. Just pencil on graph moleskine which isn't the best way to go, but at least I have to start somewhere, but it's really yanking at a part of me that I haven't touched for so long it's just weird...

I'll have to figure it out or something...

... or just keep writing crap until something good does come out of it.

It would be fun to write and draw a manga chapter in the style of CLAMP for xxxHolic.

Temperatures are now in the teens (-12 to -7 C) at night and twenties and thirties (just below freezing) during the day. This after seventies just a week ago. I'm freezing at night, and having to heat up two rice warmers to get anywhere close to comfortable enough to sleep. The snow has stuck, it supposed to all melt tomorrow in 60 degree weather again. Yeesh. But the night's are going to stay cold and more snow in a few days. Winter is here.

But it certainly does make it feel like the holidays. That's to the good.

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