Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


I spent the whole night dueling Sephiroth. I kept getting beaten, too, over and over and over and over and... growl...

The interesting thing was that it was pretty clear he wasn't beating me because he liked it or because he wanted to destroy the world or anything. What was interesting was that it really turned into a lesson. He was teaching me where the real boundaries were on the fighting system, not the stupid, just hit the button system that the beginning fighting system had turned into. There was real timing involved and real options on how to counter, and gradually, I was lengthening each fight until I saw an eye glint that would have been a smile in any other being.

I figure my brain decided it had to integrate the fighting system, inside, so that I can do better next time. The interesting thing with video games is that they definitely bring in all the glandular flux learning stuff that all stress situations can do. So I learn it so much faster.

Stress is still my element.

Edited to add that there's spoilers in the comments in a way...
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