Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mmmm... toast...

Okay... I'll admit it, I let the Thorn and Ash story take me for a while. It's... odd to do that again, and know that I can just concentrate on it. Much as I did on chatsubo when I was writing there. But no one else to really answer to. That's odd, too. No one to meld styles with or concepts with and... that's pretty cool.

Class was odd and cool last night. The last thing I expected out of Jeremiah was a message of hope. Of how to live life, and to just face the consequences and what's really there, in order to do what's necessary, even if it isn't liked, and keep going on to something better.

I think that that and something blackwingedboy wrote broke open something for number 3. That felt right. Staying up until 1 to get it all out wasn't quite the best thing I could have done, in a way, but I really wanted to get out of the way of what I had to write...
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