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A Wasted, Excellent Day

I spent the whole day playing Kingdom Hearts II, well, all but the part of the day when John was playing Star Wars Lego.

I think it's the first time I just sat down and did what I wanted.

I went pretty far with my game, and realized that the combat system and the bosses in the regular level are more sophisticated than the beginner mode. I think that if I did do the expert mode, that I probably could beat Sephiroth. Even after just playing the medium mode all day, by the evening, when Jet asked me to play his game, we tackled Sephiroth, and I got a good half dozen rounds and two of his hit point bars in, rather than barely lasting one encounter with him.

Jet and I did the end of his game, and it was so worth it. The ending was worth all the pain of getting there and through that boss ending. I was down to my last few hit points during the barrage, and just took it on faith that it'd end before I was dead. And it worked. Just. :-)

And the conversation with Riku at the end was just perfect.

I need the graphic of the two of them sitting on that shore. *laughter* And I stumbled across all kinds of fanfic trying to look for it, and it's got my brain going... AGHhhh... this is so bad, but there's something sitting in my brain going hey... write this...


Anyway... I'm pretty happy with my "wasted" day...
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