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Meeting New Friends

I got to actually meet Deb, the force behind Dudleyspinner today. She was at the Boulder County Weaver's Guild show, and I called her to make sure that I could meet up with her, and it was great.

The greeter lady at the start asked me whom I was, and said that she'd been given an pass for my stuff. I was bringing stuff in to show her, so that was to the good. Deb really liked the navajo plied yarn I'd done from another of her rovings. Smooth and soft and easy to work with, so it was simple to do. Deb was doing demonstrations of needle felting and some drop spindle work, so I could help a little with the spindle stuff. That was fun. Then I got to shop for a while, and tried to limit myself as I have my huge stash. Yes, it's not all on Ravelry. I haven't even gotten *close* to having it all on Ravelry. *laughter* Especially if you count rovings along with the actual yarn.

But... there was a gorgeous sea blue as well as a fire colored roving that was calling out to me. But... I just got the sea blue and also bought some of the tussah that theredhead was selling there, too. Beautiful acid green and turquoise and blues that went really well with the darker sea blues. I'll have fun with it, and see what I want to make. Something with the silk as an edging and, maybe the sea blues as the body. Hat? Vest? Shell? Scarf? It's only eight ounces of the wool, so probably not a sweater.

Anyway, there were lots of people to show stuff to, and everyone was quite enthusiastic about it all. It was nice to put a face and voice to Deb. Yay!

I am oddly depressed afterward, though, and I'm not at all sure why. I'll probably just show my buys to Jennifer tonight, and that'll help, or something.

Today is John's birthday, so we'll be going out to celebrate and he got all his presents today, so that was to the good.
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