Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Busy Day

Jet had a late start day, so instead of doing the usual stuff, we went down to Boulder and had breakfast at the Original Pancake House.

Our local Original Pancake House seems to have a deal with one of the local restaurants and it does these gorgeous crab bake Benedicts that are really good. I love them a lot. The very best thing is that they'll do half an order for about half the price, instead of something over half the price. So I can eat exactly what it is that I want rather than eating too much. It was really, really good.

From there we hit Lush for a few things, and then wandered up and down the Pearl Street Mall doing our Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping at Wednesday morning during the first week of December is pretty darned easy. I was really happy to be able to do that and get it pretty much done. That was really good. From there we headed home, got Jet on the bus and stopped the bus so that two other kids could get on.

I spent the whole afternoon making journals, for presents. I'm also making a bunch of cores because I'm supposed to do a quick make it class on Sunday morning. That should work out. I just wanted enough variety for folks to choose from so that they could have what they want. Jet came home and we finished his book as well and then he went off to play at Chris' while I'm making a few more cores tonight and John made dinner. Chorizo smells really, really good... I'm off to eat now.
Tags: bookmaking

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