Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Okay... this amuses me too much...

... but I started a pair of handspun, singles socks a few days back and I fell in love with the fabric so much that a few inches into the toe-up socks I decided that they had to be mittens instead. Mittens last longer, and this fabric is kind of thin in places, but the whole thing is fuzzy soft and has this gorgeous halo. Plus the colors are coming out even cooler than I'd hoped.

Plus, I'd given both Jet and John mittens last winter, and my hands are cold enough this winter that I think I could use a pair on the way to and from the bus stop. So I am converting to mittens. It was fun to be able to do nearly five inches worth of knitting on the tube before deciding. It's good that my hands and feet are pretty close in size. *laughter*
Tags: knitting, spinning

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