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Bookmaking Mess

Bookmaking Mess
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Well... ten cores and three gifts later, my floor is still a mess, but it's a fun one. Jet and I have really been plowing through a bunch of handmade books together. I should be ready for the class on Sunday and I actually drew and wrote instructions for everyone so that I don't have to lecture or anything, just have folks go by the instructions when they can.


Sunday is going to be busy, as I'm doing that class in the morning, and then in the afternoon we're doing a lasagna party where we make everything from scratch. We'll have four gallons of milk for the cheeses, flour for the bread and noodles, etc. It should be fun. We roasted dozens of pounds of tomatoes for all the sauce all through the summer, so we have lots of frozen, slow cooked sauce. That should be useful. :-)

Sadly, there were four inches of snow on the roof and lawns this morning, so the solar panel guys aren't making it today. They might make it Tuesday, though, and it'll be an interesting Christmas present for us. *laughter*

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