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Tree-Effect Snow

This morning all the trees were white outside. I'd never understood flocking fake Christmas trees until I actually saw the trees outside, today. Though the pines and evergreens simply had snow blankets on all the branches, the bare deciduous trees were this gorgeous, glowing crystalline white. I think I still don't understand flocking Christmas trees...

But wow... the white trees were so beautiful, eventhough it was 12° (-11° C) outside, it was pretty magical.

The cold here is definitely a dry cold, so dry it makes me cough when I actually breath the outside air. Better to have a scarf or something to breathe through. And it'd fun to actually get outside, into the sunshine and just walk with Jet to the bus stop, to say hi to all the kids and call them by name, and then walk back.

We had an errand morning, mostly to restock.

I love my new mittens. *happy sigh* I finished them Monday night and in all this snow it's so nice to have warm fingers. Oddly enough, the driving's actually been quite good this time around. I think the city got better prepared after last year. It's been nearly a week and a half of having something on the ground, and that's pretty unusual around here. Usually it just melts away before the next storm, but we're supposed to get more on Friday, again. The good news is that all the water reservoir snow pack around here is getting to be at or above 100%, just two weeks ago they were in just the 30's and 40's... so it's good that we caught up for next summer.
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