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I had gotten the five pound spool of raw tussah silk roving out in order to measure and prep about six ounce of it for dyeing.  I did a crochet chain of it with big, fat loops and Jet saw it and said, "I get to have some of that, right?"

"It's more expensive than wool," I said.

"How much?" said my Negotiator son.

"Two dollars an ounce."

He ran off.  I heard his little ATM bank burbling to itself and he came back with a five dollar bill.  It's good knowing my boy can save his money for really important things.

"I get two anna half ounces, right?"


I wound off two and a half ounces with our digital scale.  He studied the reading with me.  "That's it," he said, and then reached out both hands for the silky, golden ball.  "Oooooo..." he said when he took hold of it.  He rubbed it against his cheek and smiled.

Then, of course, he asked me to start the chain, and he carefully chained it in anticipation of being able to dye it another day. 
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