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Love that Power of Reduction

Chibi Jet

I love the power of reduction, though you can see the original scan, I guess, if you click on it. But I'm really getting why manga artists draw big, and then reduce. This is a little chibi Jet with his snowboard/sled that he has been using after school pretty much every day this week.

He loved it. *laughter* And blushed when he saw it, too, and then told me that I was missing stuff on the sled, like the letters in the dot at the top and the diamonds in blue on the side and that the wasp had metal plates riveted all over him as it's actually a wired up wasp, not just a regular wasp... detail oriented that kid...

I had fun walking him to the bus stop this morning and when two second graders ganged up on him in a snowball fight, I happily launched and took a few. The snow here is so dry it just goes *poof* when it hits, and it's really hard to pack into a ball. My mittens worked great.

I have the whole house to myself for today, and I have a bunch of silk to dye, anime to watch, and tea to drink, so I'm pretty much set. Hand still hurt, so I'll take it easy today on the video games and try the hot tub sometime to watch the steam rise against the snow...

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