Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Quiet Eve

We got to see Enchanted today, the local theaters are still playing it at least once a day. *laughter*...

So the three of us went to see it and Jet said he loved it.

Disney certainly did a good job of pulling in every old cliche in the book. The first ten minutes were truly cringe worthy for me, but Jet took it all in with rapt attention. It was definitely funny, sometimes in very good ways. The Central Park sequence was very Disneyesque and Jet loved it, totally. I was pretty amazed that they actually were able to do it, at all, in New York. *laughter*

Though, Jet's favorite bit was the shopping sequence. *giggles* I liked that, too, and the happy ending for the prince was very keen, too, I thought. The dragon was very pretty! And Jet wasn't afraid, at all, I was a little worried after another mom had reported that their kid was pretty terrified of it, but Jet's made of sterner stuff. Though he did hold my hand during that sequence.

From there we bought a bunch of Jet's "special noodles" at the Oriental Grocery Store which was right by the theater. They're the frozen fresh ramen noodles that Jet loves, including a miso flavored one as well as the shoyu flavored one. We really loaded up, went home, and Jet and I shared a serving of it. I added ham and frozen corn nibblets, as they were on the cover of the soup as a "serving suggestion", and it actually tasted quite good with the miso, which surprised me a lot.

Jet and I watched a bunch of Cardcaptor Sakura, in Japanese, as Carl sent both complete sets of DVDs of it. At first, I read all the translations at the bottom of the screen, but Jet started telling me that I should stop, he could follow along okay. I'm not entirely sure if he's reading it himself or not, but it would be a cool incentive to read and he's *not* asking me what's going on all the time, which is very, very good.

Then, after the first disk, Jet and I did the one mile walk with Leslie Samson *laughter*, and Jet did four steps to every step I did, and declared that he'd done FOUR miles, so he was okay for a bit. We got drinks, together, watched one more episode and then he and John played some games together while I watched two more episodes of Bleach. I'm up to episode 31, now, but Carl had *also* included a couple of Bleach DVDs, so I'm going back through those old episodes and reveling in being able to replay them at will. *laughter*

We're invited to three different parties tonight, and dinner's about to get served at one of them. *laughter* I should go and bring in the New Year. I hope everyone has a great New Years, too!

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