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Strange Dreams

I have to admit that a steady diet of at least four episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura:The Book of Clow and four episodes of Bleach every day for the last few days has done something to my dreams. I'm not doing any work dreams any more. *laughter* But it all starts as Bleach dreams every night, but then melds into pretty much vicious shadow battle dreams with side lines into cooking, crushes, and dramatic fashion statements. It's far more amusing and less frightening than the work dreams.

But Jet is really, really into the Cardcaptor anime, a lot a lot. He will take the time to update John, nearly every morning, with quick synopsis of the best parts of what he last saw. He is also telling me, now, to NOT READ THE WORDS! In just that tone. But then, ten minutes later he'll ask me what's going on, and I'll try and do a quick synopsis and then miss something... *giggles* But one can get by with at least "Hai!" "Baka!" "Ohio gozaimasu" "Konichiwa" "Kawaii!!" and "Matte!" along with a knowledge of everyone's names with remarkable efficiency.

We've been relatively busy since the New Year. Jet had nearly a full day with Bonnie and her kids on the 2nd, as he went with them to the Rec. Center and then to the new McDonald's on Main. John and I went to Food Share and got only 400 pounds of food, the post-holidays slump is kind of frightening, as the warehouse is nearly half empty. We just didn't have that much to pick from that the OUR Center really needed, and they were pretty high on storage stuff anyway.

The 3rd was my massage, and John and Jet went up to Ft. Collins to get one of Jet's birthday presents and a part for the hot tub.

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast today, and played with the TinTamJam on his XO laptop. Once I showed him how to link things with loops he was happily head bobbing with his ear phones one as he jammed away with all kinds of sound elements.Today was Jet's last day off from school, so he got to pick a special thing to do, and he really wanted to go back to the McDonald's and so we went there for lunch. John read a newspaper and I knit on one of Jet's socks while he played and met up with some old Kindergarten friends. We also managed to get all the class materials put together and copied at the Church office.

He and I watched Sakura while John had a meeting at church. I heated up a very nice shepherd's pie from Colorado Cupboard, and John and I ate nearly the whole thing. I got some time to watch my Bleach episodes while John put Jet to bed, and it's been good.

Yes, Bleach at the Soul Society arc pretty much bombards one with a cast of thousands; but oddly enough, I'm finding them all easy enough to separate from each other. I think that the very strong characteristics of the thirteen Divisions are really, really cool, and it gives me hope for my seven brothers. I am really enjoying it all.

I think that what I like best is that, on the most part, no one is a pushover, from either side. And that the alien captain of 12 really, really creeps me out massively, but what intrigues me is that his obviously abused lieutenant is relieved when he does NOT die. It weirds me out and takes me out of my comfortable "well he's just a creep" classification even if he really is just a creep.

I love the WHOLE of the 11th Division, unexpectedly but completely and totally in their response to Orihime Inoue. Yeesh. I like their kind of insanity. *laughter*

I really like the dynamics between the captains and lieutenants of 8th (lush and perfect secretary) and 10th (integrity kid and bosem goddess) Divisions. Okay, and I've already said I'm in love with the 11th's Lt. Yachiru and her Captain Kenpachi and their whole relationship.

I like all the mysteries still shrouded. Though it's tough to see Rukia so... well.. hopeless. Given that she blamed herself for Ichigo's "death", I wonder if Ganju's brother's death is similar. Should be interesting to see it play through. Oddly enough, I don't like Lt. Hinamori very much. But then I don't like the twin Lts of Division 13 that much but I've never been much on comic relief that much either. I do like that there are a number of captains that seem to believe that justice is more important than mere pride, powerful or not...

Anyway... it's a lot of fun. Thanks to both amberley and incandescens for hooking me on it. It's been fun so far. *grin*

Best get to bed and see where the dreams go. *grin* Good night, folks.
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