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Survived Sunday

The class went okay. The folks participating were what made it work, not really me, but it was designed to do that. So that was pretty okay. I wasn't very smooth about it and not terribly prepared for the timing of all the parts, so it is. Tonya will do better next week. I'll probably do better the following week and that should be good enough. Folks were just grateful the class was being presented at all, and I think everyone got something from everyone else's contribution, which was, perhaps, the whole point. John said that he got something out of it, so that was cool enough.

I also ran around making coffee before Sunday school and after for the Epiphany lunch. Then we went home with an extra kid and no John, as John had a meeting to stay for, and Orion and Jet decided to play together at our house. They did a great job of it, too, and let me read nearly six books of CLAMP's Tsubasa while they played. I really, really like Tsubasa, too, even more now that Jet and I have watched so much of Cardcaptor Sakura. Seeing Syaoran/Shaoran in a completely new light was really neat. Same heart and personality, but with a completely different past and base. I love seeing CLAMP pull it off in a way that is as interesting as it is.

It's fun to recognize the brief bits from xxxHolic as well, but I think they kept a pretty light touch on that, enough so that the synching isn't that much of a problem. Plus it's not necessary, just fun.

After Orion had to go, Jet and I watched on episode of Sakura while dinner was cooking, and then we watched a few more after until he had his hot tub play time and then a shower to clean off the chlorine before bed. He was very happy that I got to go through his night time routine with him. Then I got in a few more Bleach episodes and am content to know more about Rukia's past and see Renji again. I will admit that I don't like the filler/comic relief episodes at all with Don. Blech.
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