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After playing Kingdom Hearts II and not really enjoying the fighting system nearly as much as I wanted to, even though I adored the scenes between battles. I thought I'd look for a game that had a sweet combat system AND some lovely graphics between battles as well. I wanted it used and I wanted it cheap, so it had to be something, likely, five or more years old on the PS2 system. My local GameStop had the used bins of under ten dollar games, and in it I found Devil May Cry. I'd also been contemplating God of War, both of them the first editions of the titles as they're the ones that seem to have really gotten the rave reviews.

Both were very much rated Mature, as they're both very violent and graphic. Since I found DMC for just eight bucks, I thought I'd give it a spin while Jet was at school and keep it in a place he just won't accidentally get to.

I really got my butt kicked, but enjoyed it immensely.

I'm finding the combat system to be very, very sweet, the combat very, very graphic, and the very first boss very, very hard. Luckily, that's what the reviews have said, too, that the game play is extremely difficult and that the learning curve really is very steep. What I love is the response time Dante has to what I do. And my twitch isn't trained, yet, with exactly his weapons and style, but with just two hours of play, I can't be too upset. *laughter* The thing is that I can already see the potential of the control system, when I see an opening, I can hit it if I hit the right buttons and that's just going to come with more practice. And, wow, it's just mind boggling how sweetly he moves, spins, flips, shoots, and hits in direct control of what I do.

I've only been playing old games, so I love the graphics, too. *grin* I've seen previews of some of the PS3 games and stuff, and okay, that's even better, but... for me, the texturing and details on the castle are just amazingly fine.

But my butt has been thoroughly kicked by just the first boss, so I'm doing what I can to learn, learn, learn the system and I'm being rewarded by seeing the crab's damage bar finally taking hits. I do *HATE* that the camera angle is completely out of my control; but sometimes in the faster battles, it's easier to have it be controlled, even if I have to completely switch the direction I'm fighting in. I am getting used to it, gradually.

Sometimes I feel sorry that *I* am not as cool as Dante is, he deserves better. But I guess I'll just have to get better. I'm having a great time learning it, though the adrenaline rushes have, sometimes, left me shaking. Maybe I am enough of an adrenaline junkie to really need some of this. *laughter*

The Nameste folks came with the inspectors, and they found one thing that really needed fixing. So the main engineer in charge of the job ran around, today, fixing it. They're going to do another inspection on Friday, so I might be writing on sun power by then. We'll see. It's cool to know that it was just that one thing and that we're very close to just being done and having it all work soon.

Carl was amazing and sent me all the Gomi Gumi materials and I read through my descriptions of Danny with amazement. I'd forgotten all that stuff, and it was really, really funny when I was shocked to see that Danny Boy's stat sheet had hiim as human!!! Then a bit later I read the stuff that said that he had actually goblinized to elf, but someone had bobbed his ears and added melanin to his skin without him remembering it. So, for a bit, Danny Boy passed as human with his creator. *laughter* I also read a first person passage that I was bemused about having written. Carl was also kind enough to send me some other Shadowrun materials, because I was curious, and I wanted to draw some of those characters. There are now stories brewing in my head about some of Danny Boy's contacts again.

There's another episode of Thorn and Ash brewing as well. I know where it has to go, now, I just have to get it there. My problem is that half the scenes are showing up in my heads as manga frames, and it would take too long to get them out properly.

I also found that my Bleach feed was broken. I'm not sure why, but Anime Fever Org had all the links broken to all the episodes, so I was left high and dry in the mid-50's. So I may well have to seed some Torrents *laughter* as I know I'm well beyond the published, licensed episodes.

John and I are expecting to go to Biloxi in April, and John's doing a lot of the organization for it. So I found out that we have "too many people" that want to go, and then found out that the organization that we'd originally been planning to work for had "too many people coming" as well, so we were being moved to a bigger organization that had more work! So that's all to the good. The whole group should be able to accomplish a lot more this coming year than they were last year, and it's good to know that the whole Back Bay area is getting plenty of workers in an area strapped for it. There seems to be plenty of materials and money for materials, but not nearly enough money for the labor, as the labor costs so much more now, for those that have to live there. So having all this volunteer labor should make a real difference.

I made beef and bean chili because I was craving it, and since I started it at 1pm, I couldn't have it for lunch. John suggested that we eat it while it was fresh for dinner, so we did. Jet has been eating something for dinner that we were eating for dinner for the last few nights and hasn't had a great time of it. He said he wanted to try the chili but when he got some, he said the smell was terrible and changed to having some carrots, instead. Our understanding is that he'll eat a small portion of anything we're eating, so changing his mind was okay. He had some carrot sticks with his corn dog, and was quite a bit happier than when he had to choke down some split pea soup the first night. He'll get some experience, too.

It's been odd for me, in some ways, as I don't *like* seeing him suffer with food he obviously believes he hates. But... he's been eating nearly only starches and fruit for a very long time, and it would be good for him to extend his tastes with some vegetables and meats that are actually recognizable, rather than the usual hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and bacon (who can resist bacon?). And he really just ate the carrots today. And he agreed to it, and has made some suggestions in the meantime, and some of these things really are just his choice, so it's been an experience.

I spun a lot of silk today while waiting for engineering things. It was cool.

Before dinner, Jet did his homework with John. After dinner Jet and I finished the first book of Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs today. He wanted to dive into the next set of DVDs, but I asked that he wait until tomorrow, as he also wanted to make beignets. The Cafe Luna has some lovely ones, but he really wanted to make some at home, RIGHT NOW... but I found what looks like a reasonable recipe. But the dough really has to sit in the refrigerator overnight and, surprise, get fried for breakfast. *grin* So we mixed up the dough and put it in the fridge and I'm going to try and get to bed early tonight so that I can manage some hot oil in the morning. It should be interesting.

I had a really good conversation with my mother while we were putting together the batter/dough. She called and it was great talking with her, and Jet had fun talking with her as well. That was cool.

John had a meeting all evening, but got home in time to go hot tubbing with Jet. I supervised the chlorine rinse after, and then put him to bed. We were both pretty tired. I think school is good for Jet, as it's really a good way for him to use his energy.
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