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Those New Orleans Donut Thingies

I can't spell beignets to save my life. I had to look it up from the recipe. *laughter*

But they turned out great. Got up at 7 to fry them so that we'd be done with breakfast in time for John to make his meeting and to get Jet to the bus on time. Everyone really enjoyed them, but Jet was pretty tired and hadn't had enough sleep, so he was kind of teary about not being able to watch Sakura in the morning.

But he really loved watching the donuts fry (They PUFF UP, Mom!) and they did really, really well. He ate five of them and proudly showed me all the bubbles inside. *laughter*

I nearly never deep fry anything, but I finally figured out a way to do it without making a complete disaster area of the stove. I used a small wok instead of a fry pan, and kept the oil fairly shallow, so no splatters. It was deep enough, in the middle, to lay the dough gently into the oil and not have it stick to the bottom at all. So it was perfect.
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