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A Little Crazy

I played the ending of KH II twice. The first time I tried to write down all the dialog.

The second time I'd given up, and I just got out my little camera, got out the tripod, and turned it on video and turned it on for the bits I really wanted to at least record the dialog. I got terrible video as it was out of sync, but the audio was just fine if hollow, and I now have vid that I can pause, fast forward, slow down and everything.

*happy sigh* I've since drawn half a dozen Rikus and I don't like any of them. *laughter* But so it is.

It was also a pretty nutty day because we helped test all of the kids in Jet's classroom to see how they wrote their ABC's.  On the most part, they knew upper and lower case and how to write them, the question was actually how they were holding their pencils and what order they were writing their letters in.  Some of them were pretty proud of being able to do all the letters.  A few of them were curious as to WHY John and I were circling certain letters.  *laughter*  Jet was really grumpy with me when I circled more than half his numbers, as he started them all from the bottom.  "WHY are you doing that?" he asked.  "Because I'm supposed to?" I kind of answered. 

He rolled his eyes.

But then yesterday Jet forgot his lunch box at home and today he forgot his tennis shoes, and when he told his teacher about it he slapped his forehead (something I do a lot when I'm exasperated) and said, "I guess I'm just not having a good week."

My how they grow up.

Actually, all three of us have fumbled stuff this week, lost things, messed up meals, all kinds of stuff.  I even, somehow, lost a hundred dollar grocery gift card.  I have no idea where, and it was driving me insane for a few days.  But John said that he forgave me for doing that, that helped immensely.  It's also odd to realize that it wasn't a credit card, it wasn't my whole wallet and ID, and, in the end, someone got some groceries and our church still got 5%.  It's odd how comforting it was that my loss just *fed* someone.
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