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I finally heard from the dojo and they have not only moved out to Fredrick (which isn't actually all THAT far away, compared to Arvada), but the meeting times are Sunday afternoons. It's going to be interesting to mix church and sword in a single day. Problem is that I'm bouncing off the walls in anticipation. I guess I should go ride the exercise bike or something and get myself back together again.

An interesting thing is that, now, the Fredrick dojo is the sister dojo to the main Denver dojo, so, sometimes the Denver folks come out to Fredrick to practice as well. So it's a small pond with occasional incursions of bigger fish. That should make it more interesting in the long term. Plus, I might want to do the hour long drive down to Arvada sometime and work with the bigger classes later in the evening on Sundays if I can't make the 1pm start time in Fredrick. That might be okay...
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