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On Fire...

... usually, when one says that one is on fire, one means it figuratively, not literally.

I've been really concentrating, for the last few days, on a multi-chapter Bleach fanfic with a lot of great help from incandescens. Part of what let me finally do it was realizing that while sketching from already existing work is easier, but it really is doing art. Writing from other people's characters with established personalities is easier than coming up with them from scratch, but the work of doing the writing is still part of the discipline of writing. I think it's the first thing that has really been able to occupy my WHOLE brain in a very long time. I'm really enjoying the complexity of braiding one thing into the next, and all the characters are starting to take me by the hand and go, "No... like *this*."

I actually started with the whole of the goal for the story. Plot points that I wanted to touch on, things I wanted to incorporate. Where it was going to end and how.

I can tell when the story is working when I start just shaking from what I just wrote. Also, there have been moments when something a character does that just floors me. It's been very, very cool.

I learned, though, from November, that I want to keep all the pieces until the whole is done. That I really needed to plan it if it was actually going to develop through a particular point and end in a way that was satisfying. While the dreams were cool to start, they have all petered out in my head because of irredeemable problems of beginnings without an end in sight.

It is taking my whole head. That's my only excuse.

The fire alarms went off when a pot pie I'd stuck in the toaster oven for lunch well... turned into carbon. I got to it before it completely caught on fire, but it was too close for me.

And, for dinner, half of the teriyaki short ribs caught on fire outside in the grill. My hair is still kind of frizzy in front from when I pulled them all out. It is very odd to blow ones dinner out.

It's been a long time since I burned that much food.

My only excuse might be that the rest of my brain is on fire, too....
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